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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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is pulling out all of the stops to get the conversation started. it has a political campaign feel to it. >> speeches, clever sides, straightforward messages. the tea party does not like taxes. a couple hundred people gathered at the mall does not buy the notion that raising the gas tax is a path to job creation. >> the tea party antitax mantra can be heard by everyone go into a rare triple committee briefing on raising the gas tax by 15 cents a gallon. 5 cents each year for the next three. legislation to do that is expected to come up in the 2012 session. maryland chamber of commerce and many elected officials. for some, and gas increase will be easier to accept if it is designated for other
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transportation purposes only. >> i think that is what the motoring public expects. that is what we should have appeared >> the o'malley administration supports raising the gas tax to create jobs and boost the economy. the administration claims a $1 billion investment would trade 30,000 new jobs. >> we are putting construction workers for the most part back to work. we are putting dollars in the pocket. >> they determined the state needs a hundred million dollars more each year in order to chip away at the backlog of projects. maryland would have the highest per gallon rate in the country if it goes up. it would force people with limited incomes to make difficult choices. >> i don't think it is a
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straight line saying we will create some new jobs. i think there are other impacts that need to be considered. >> top tax increase proponents say it will impact everyone from those who use mass transit to goods and it services including food it trucking. why not use some of those toll increases that are going into the fact to offset some of those projects? >> today steny hoyer testified in federal court in the bribery trial of the state senator bribery trial. >> senator's defense team -- steny hoyer described center core as an organized person. >> defense lawyers for center
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core only called a handful of witnesses. the first of the day was the first entertaining -- the most entertaining. he took the stand to defend curry be called a good friend. his testimony last 15 minutes. the two back in the 1980's and ended up running on the same ticket for a number of elections during their political careers. when asked about what kind of steny senator curry was, hoyer said he is a good and decent person. organization was not his strong points. steny hoyer was asked about several state committees he had once served on that senator curry served on at a later date. he seemed to reiterate his feelings saying and he did not pay attention to details. he did pay attention to people. he was a follower rather than a
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leader. he relied on others with greater expertise. other witnesses included senator curry's former accountant who highlighted income he received as well as other character witnesses like one of his best friends, a pastor at a washington, d.c. area church. the day closed out with a number of people who confirmed a meeting or having knowledge that the senator was somehow involved with the company. >> almost one dozen witnesses are slated for tomorrow including state senator lis aasd well as brian from the 16th district. testimony expected to continue tomorrow. >>police believe they have found the body of a missing boy from montgomery county.
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kai reed is live. she has the latest developments. >>some k9 officers found the body behind a gas station. he is described as polite, funding, and extremely talented. after several days of searching trails and parks throughout montgomery county, this morning police make a discovery -- the body of a boy found in clarksburg, west of 355 and not far from a gas station. what we believe that -- the remains to be william mcquain. >> the search began six days ago. the next day investigators in north carolina found her car and arrested her estranged husband curtis lopez. there was no sign of william. but gave no details as to what
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led them to search the wooded area in clarksburg. >> if we believe that -- if we were going to find willing, it would most likely be in this area. the rebates on this morning included the same clothing that william was seen wearing in surveillance video taken at a germantown storage facility on october 1. lopez was with him in that video. as football teammates, former coach, and brother started a memorial for the 11-year-old not far from where the body was discovered. >> we want to find out and get closure to the situation that happened to my little brother and his mom. >> he is beautiful and wonderful. he was the most polite child i have ever seen in my life. >> police are not sure when and where the murder took place. again, the surveillance video is from october 1.
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police are talking about a motive at this point, they do call curtis look as the prime suspect. he is expected back in montgomery county in the next 10 days. >> tonight baltimore detectives are searching for a man accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. the victim was walking on north caroline street last night. that is when she was dragged into a vacant building and assaulted. police released this sketch and are also reviewing cameras in the area. if you have any information on the case, called crime stoppers at 1866- 7lockup. >> he is a charge of shooting the 22-year-old victim on october 6. happened in the law of st. paul street. city officials met with residents to address the recent spike in crime. residents introduced an array of
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solutions. >> a 19-year-old westminster man is under rest tonight charged with first and second-degree assault. michael fisher, jr., stabbed dominica miller in the parking lot of the westminster town mall. miller was taken to shock, for treatment but his condition was not released. authorities are still waiting for autopsy results in the death of a recent university graduate student. her body was found at the bottom of the trash chute. although this is the second person in a little over one year to be found in the trash chute, police are calling this an isolated incident that resulted in death. they say that they did not expect foul play. >> a former pastor will spend life in prison for organizing the murder of a blind and
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disabled man. in an effort to collect $1.4 million in life-insurance policies of the victim. in addition to a sentence, he was given 45 years behind bars for insurance fraud charges. jurors listened to more testimony in the trial of a man accused of killing a 16-year-old girl. the body has never been found, he is charged with first-degree murder. this is a baltimore county's second murder trial in which it had never been found. >> another chapter in the long legal dispute involving monkeys in howard county. they have to get rid of any new monkeys that were brought in within the last seven days. neighbors of the wildlife center were asking the county to force the owners to get rid of the
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monkeys entirely. they say it is dangerous to house monkeys. in the appeal the board was the decision to a higher court progress we hope you'll stay with us. there is much more -- there is much more ahead. >> the debate tonight in the early voting state of nevada. what to watch for coming up. >> the head coach does not want his team dealing with overconfidence.
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>> several republican candidates take the stage tonight for a vote in the early voting stage and nevada. >> tonight to most eyes will be on herman cain who is battling with mitt romney for front- runner status. haven cain's poll numbers soared. does he have staying power at the top? tonight's debate will help answer that question. >> you will see a lot of people go after herman cain, because he is the front runner bob because he is the number one alternative to mitt romney right now. >> romney is considered the republican to be and is consistently performing well in debates. >> as far as romney is concerned, the races coming together for him. he is up in the polls. he is neck-and-neck with herman cain, but a lot of people do not
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think kane has the organization or the money to win the nomination. >> at this point, it does not look like he is part of the game. he has to convince people he is hungry for it. >> newt gingrich, ron paul, rick santorum. >> could it be newt gingrich? possibly. we are running out of time now. we are getting very close to these early states. >> john mccain says that the candidates can't underestimate the importance of those early states including nevada. >> i think the debates are very important. in new hampshire it will be important is whether they have seen in the neighborhood. >> jon huntsman will be a no show tonight. he protests nevadas decision to move its caucus to january 40. new hampshire says that is too close to its first in the nation
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primary. huntsman says he agrees with that. >> some of the candidates are saying they would not campaign in nevada because of that dispute with new hampshire. is there a lot of pressure on mitt romney to join the 08 -- boycott? with analysts say there is pressure to side with new hampshire. he is leading in the polls. he should stay out of nevada. he won the state of nevada in 2008. that could be difficult for him on the other hand. he does not want to up sets new hampshire voters because he really needs a win there as well. >> i am sure that is true. keep track of who is in and out and who is leading the pack on >> keup and down the eastern seaboard, some unusually mild mid october weather.
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63 degrees in boston. all the way to northern maine it is still 51 degrees. south of us heading down to virginia and the carolinas almost summerlike warmth. the outer banks of north carolina is 79 degrees. artificial high at the airport today is 74 degrees. downtown baltimore 75. it is normal to be only 66 degrees. next couple of days we will see a downward trend on those temperatures. we will see an upward trend on these numbers on the far right side of our almanac column. 72 degrees in cambridge and 71 in salzburg. temperatures cool a little bit. still 61 degrees in oakland at this time of the evening in october. it is pretty mild out west. it will help to keep the temperature is up tonight. the warmth today will be trapped underneath the clouds preaches the relatively mild.
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you see the new area of cloudy this coming up out of the carolinas. this blanket of cloudiness will overspread the regions. the overall trend will be for clouds pretty densely some wet weather. i think you really see to our south will be with some of the showers to the west. these two hours of rain are zeroing in on the mid-atlantic. that means in one day or so, what weather. storm center that is coming up out of north florida in the gulf coast -- will bring a lot of moisture. it will form one storm of the mid-atlantic which will gradually pulled away. timing right now looks ok. it looks like basically one day -- wednesday and wednesday night, shower weather. some of the rain can be occasionally heavy. you will see that on the futurecast. some of these pockets indicating moderate to heavy rain at times prefer the south and east to go, there could be thunder baxter and tomorrow and tomorrow evening. thursday the storm is pulling
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away. western maryland will be caught in the wraparound clouts. there's tonight and friday morning, he could see some mixed snow. he will see rapidly clearing skies on thursday. that should take us into next weekend. he just have to get to another. of what weather pretty purple shaded region all around the bay and baltimore, we are talking about 1.5 inches of rain possible by early thursday morning when the storm is moving out. it could be able to 24 hours. nebraska wins 6-12. --northeast winds 6-12 miles per hour. western maryland showers tomorrow and a temperature drop. thursday temperature staying in the low 40's. some of that range in garrett county could mix with wet snow. heavy rain around the day and on
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the eastern shore tomorrow will clear out nicely. lower eastern shore has best chance for rain. what weather wednesday, clear and breezy thursday, sunshine comes back for friday and the weekend. it will be cooler. we can highs in the 50's. >> with the from the ravens camp or the ravens have a long week of preparation. they are 4-1 going on the road to face the jaguars -- a team that has struggled. have lost eight of their last nine going back to last season. almost came back to upset the steelers. this week is filled with making sure the ravens don't overlook the jaguar spur their only loss came against the titans in week two. even though they are 19-2
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against teams with losing records, they usually bring their a game, he does a great job of selling the importance of every week regardless of record. >> our guys will be looking forward to them. the toughest game we have his monday night. when you go play on the road monday night, look at the numbers. it is a definite tough thing to do. it will be a huge challenge for us. are coming off a bigger challenge against pittsburgh. we know how physical the team can be and how physical it was to be pure "will talk about the jaguars and much more tonight -- we will talk about the tax wars and much more tonight. we will also be able to see it at 10:00 on channel 208 on comcast, 11-2 over the air. not only are they calling it the deal of the year but the deal of the decade between the cincinnati bengals and the
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oakland radars -- a deal that could have carson, playing in black and silver. he has refused to play for the bengals' leading $11 million a year on the table. if this deal does get concluded, the oakland raiders will get carson palmer. the second round draft pick will turn into a first-round pick of the oakland raiders play in a playoff game this season. the reason they might seem so inclined to overpay for palmer, the coach was his quarterback coach a few years ago in cincinnati. he believes he has a whole lot left. that would explain why thatraiders are willing to depart with a lot of draft picks for the quarterback.
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>> we continue to follow the search for the rapist who assaulted a 13-year-old girl inside a vacant building. we will follow the stories and much more when you join us
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>> move the storm right on through here. developing like tonight, the rainbows in and it sticks around all day and tomorrow night. by dawn on thursday, it will move tomorrow. 11 day in the 74 cast. we can take that. breezy thursday and the temperatures will downwardly move -- a move downward. >> sunny skies over the weekend. highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. want frost on the pumpkin? >> not yet. we will check with the dawn on thursday. i will ask her. >> thank you ford joining us.
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